Moving In

These guidelines have been prepared to assist in the process of relocating your offices. Items that need to be addressed are as follows:

  • Lobby Directory and Suite entry signage
  • Lease commencement date addendum
  • Keys (suite entry, restroom)
  • Electronic access cards/fobs
  • Freight elevator reservations
  • Allowable times for move in
  • Protection of common areas
  • Move in coordination meeting
  • Mail delivery
  • Monthly parking account set up
  • Moving company contact information/insurance certificate
  • Gym waivers
  • Certificates of insurance for both your company and your moving company
  • Emergency contact information
  • Fire Floor Warden Designations

Regarding your signage, please contact the Building Management Office for information on the lobby directory listings, as well as the building standard signage for your suite entry doors.

Regarding your lease commencement dates, a sample of the addendum that will need to be executed is attached attesting to this date.

Suite keys will be provided upon substantial completion of the tenant build out or prior to occupancy. Your initial request for access cards will require a list of individuals who will be holding these cards. This initial request can be entered into the work order request web site, Angus Anywhere.

As soon as your move date has been determined, please contact the Management Office at 415-293-9980. Please also provide three (3) after-hour’s emergency contacts, as well as designation of your Floor Warden and Deputy Floor Warden for evacuation training purposes in addition to the other contact information requested on the “Tenant Contact Form.”

Please plan on being available at the earliest possible date to meet with the Property Manager in order to help us assist you with these and other move in related items.

Moving Out

While we hope there will not come a time when you decide to leave, if this occurs we would appreciate your assistance in the following items:

  • Follow the lease related requirements, if any, for move out notification
  • Request use of the freight elevator and loading dock through the use of the "Contractor Access Form."
  • Provide contact information for your moving company to your Property Manager.
  • Assist us in obtaining the proper insurance documentation from your mover.
  • Provide forwarding contact information to your Property Manager.
  • Indicate to your Property Manager if you will have any extraordinary waste disposal needs so that these can be properly arranged.
  • Return all keys and electronic access keys, cards or fobs.
  • A move out inspection will be conducted by your Property Manager after your move out. Please notify us if you wish to be present for this.

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